💃 Customer: Who are you?
✨Rent Me Winnipeg: We are Winnipeg's dress rental service! We have a variety of wedding dresses, maternity dresses, engagement dresses, bridal veils, photography props, newborn outfits, and so much more! We now offer photography services as well. 

💃 Customer: Where are you located?
✨Rent Me Winnipeg: We are located in Lorette, just 26 km southeast of Winnipeg.

💃 Customer: What are your store hours?
✨Rent Me Winnipeg: We offer services by appointment only. If you prefer to make an appointment over the phone, or if you need assistance, please feel free to call us at  204-899-8283.

💃 Customer: Why rent a dress?
✨Rent Me Winnipeg: As you already know purchasing a dress can be quite expensive. Why buy a dress for one-time wear? Rent - use - return

💃 Customer: How to reserve a dress?
✨Rent Me Winnipeg: To reserve a dress, you will have to pay a reservation fee. This reservation fee is non-refundable in case of no-shows or cancellations. You can use it as store credit for your future rentals.

💃 Customer: What is the cost of renting a dress?
✨Rent Me Winnipeg: Prices range between $40 – $200 for a 1-day rental. Shipping costs are not included in the rental price.
A refundable deposit is required - $100.

💃 Customer: How long before my event should I pick up a dress?
✨Rent Me Winnipeg: We usually offer 1-day and 2-day rental. So if your event is in the evening, you can pick it up that morning or in the afternoon and return it the next day. That way, you'll just have it for 1 day - 24 hours +-. If you don't want to return it the next day, pick our 2-day rental option.

💃 Customer: What if my rental return date is on a public holiday?
✨Rent Me Winnipeg: We understand that this might happen. It's okay, we won
t charge you that extra day, just bring it the next working day

💃 Customer: I don't want to rent a dress, I want to buy it. Is that possible?
✨Rent Me Winnipeg: Yes! If the dress is not booked for some future date you will be able to buy it in-store.

💃 Customer: I don't know exactly what will fit me. Is there someone who can help recommend a dress for my event?
✨Rent Me Winnipeg: Yes! Call us so we can schedule a fitting for you. 204-899-8283. We will recommend a dress based on your event. You will be able to try them on in our studio. 

💃 Customer: What happens if the date for my photoshoot was moved to another day?
✨Rent Me Winnipeg: Please message us, we will check the availability of the dress you booked. If it's free for that other date, we will move your booking without any other fee.

💃 Customer: I need a dress today! Do you guys accept same-day bookings?
✨Rent Me Winnipeg: Yes! We love the challenge of this last-minute booking, feel free to call us directly on 204-899-8283 to discuss details! Our goal is to provide exceptional service✨

💃 Customer: Do you rent dresses for music videos?
✨Rent Me Winnipeg: Yes! We have over 50 different dresses and much more coming soon! Come by our store so you can see them in person and try them on.

💃 Customer: Do I need an appointment to try the dress on?
✨Rent Me Winnipeg: Yes, you do! Please call or text at 204-899-8283 to arrange the fitting date and time. 

💃 Customer: Can alterations be made to the dress to fit me?

✨Rent Me Winnipeg: No, we don't allow or offer alterations. 

💃 Customer: Are all your dresses maternity?
✨Rent Me Winnipeg: No! We have maternity dresses, non maternity dresses, wedding dresses and engagement dresses available for rent! 

💃 Customer: When will I get my deposit back?
✨Rent Me Winnipeg: We will examine the dress before it leaves our studio and again after you return it. If the dress is in its original state, you'll get your deposit in the next 24 hours, via e-transfer.